Dubai is one of the amazing cities of the United Arab Emirates. And traveling through the capital of the UAE can not ignore the water park Wild Wadi, located in Jumeirah. This is one of the largest water parks in the world, its area is about five hectares. In terms of technical equipment Wild Wadi is one of the most modern water parks in the result he and the most expensive on the planet.
The prototype of the park became the Wadi River, flowing through the mountain cliffs. The creators of the water park tried to connect all the rides (there are twenty four of them) with the legend of the adventures of Sinbad the Navigator. All attractions are connected to each other by various water slides over a length of one and a half kilometers.
Among the attractions are especially popular:
– Slide, the height of which is more than 30 meters, and the speed of sliding down it reaches about 80 km/h.
– The complex, consisting of eight slides, created in the form of a peculiar pipe.
– Attraction, where you can ride on the rafts.
– Water reservoir with an imitation of a buried underwater ship, on which there are all kinds of slides, swings and fountains. It is most popular with the youngest visitors, as the water level in it is minimal.
– As well as an unusual pool, which creates an artificial wave for beginners in surfing.
The temperature regime in the water park is very comfortable. On the territory there is an opportunity not only to frolic, but also to rest and eat. Everything you need for recreation and water activities can be bought without leaving the park. Safety of visitors is also ensured (lifeguards are on duty).

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