The first Winter Olympic Games were held in 1924 in France at the ski resort of Chamonix. They lasted only ten days and were originally called “Winter Sports Week”. But after the successful performance of athletes from 16 countries in 16 sports, it was decided to consider it the first Winter Olympic Games. It has also been decided to hold the Winter Olympic Games every four years.

The XXIV Winter Olympics are now taking place in Beijing. The games’ duration has changed to two weeks, and due to the pandemic, they are held in three Chinese cities at once:

  • In Beijing, one can witness the fierce struggle of hockey players, figure skaters, skaters, and curling players;
  • Zhangjiakou hosts competitions in biathlon, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, and ski jumping;
  • in Yanqing, skiers and bobsledders are competing; skeleton and luge events are also held there.

109 medal sets will be played at these Olympic Games. It is 7 sets more than at the last Winter Games.

Due to the COVID restrictions, participants of the Winter Olympic Games are forced to live and compete within the so-called “bubble areas” without a right to go beyond them, which excludes the possibility of contact with the local population and increases the safety of the athletes.

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