Israel is an ancient and multinational country. Here every traveler will find something to his liking: vacation on the beaches of the Mediterranean or Red Sea, a pilgrimage to the holy places of three religions, you can improve your health at the Dead Sea, and just travel around the country discovering every day something new.
Israel receives guests all year round. This contributes to a variety of tours, and climatic conditions.
The capital of Israel – Jerusalem – is the oldest city in the Middle East, and a pilgrimage center of the three religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam). There are: the Temple of the Holy Sepulcher and the Wailing Wall, historic monuments, ancient forts and architectural sites. Many different cultures come together in Jerusalem.
Entertainment capital of Israel is Tel Aviv. You can walk the world’s best promenade with dozens of beaches, visit concerts and galleries, as well as visit the largest art museum in the country. Young people like to come here to hang out in trendy restaurants and clubs until dawn.
The Red Sea offers great snorkeling and a variety of water activities all year round.

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