One of the famous resort islands is ready for an innovation – forced deportation of rampant travellers. Spain has been suffering from the anti-social behaviour of British holidaymakers for years. And now the country’s authorities are ready to take extreme measures in relation to highly inebriated travellers. In addition to deportation, the distinguished travellers face a ban on entry to other resort areas: Mallorca (Magaluf) and Ibiza (West End of San Antonio). It is these resort areas that attract travellers from Western countries who want unbridled fun and nightlife in a sultry climate. However, at the insistence of the local population, the government has decided to take strict measures against travellers displaying unseemly behaviour.
The head of the islands’ tourism department, Jaume Bauza, said in a statement that foreign nationals who break the rules and cause trouble will be deported from the country without the right to re-enter. The authorities aim to turn resort areas into holiday destinations where one can enjoy the beauty of nature in comfort without fear of getting into a drunken orgy. They have also introduced a restriction on the amount of alcoholic beverages served during meals at all-inclusive hotel restaurants.

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