Tibet is one of the most mysterious places on the planet. It is a treasure trove of ancient knowledge and traditions. Strings of people visit Tibet to enjoy unity with nature, to fight diseases, to learn meditative techniques or for the purpose of pilgrimage. Tibet is a land of monasteries, mountains and unsolved mysteries.
It is forbidden to be in the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) without a tourist group. To visit Tibet you need a special permit, and for this you need to buy a tour, with guide and transportation services included. One of the features of Tibet is low atmospheric pressure, as well as a sharp temperature difference depending on the time of day, dry and thin air.
Tibetan cuisine is peculiar. Since it is difficult to maintain fire in the mountains, meat is eaten raw or lightly fried. The main source of products such as meat and milk is an animal – yak.
The most common dishes are tomato soup, tsampa (a mixture of milk, butter and barley flour), momo (dumplings), thukpa (soup with noodles, meat or vegetables), rice and tortillas. Drinking in Tibet is mostly tea with milk or butter. You can also find wine, which is made from rice or barley.

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