Before the pandemic, this town, like many other Italian cities, thrived on tourist infrastructure. The pandemic and isolation contributed to this prosperity. And then things seemed to be getting better. Anti-pandemic restrictions went down, the city began to wait for visitors, but the unforeseen happened – an outflow of visitors from the Russian Federation.
The fact is that from the beginning of the 21st century, travelers from Russia started buying real estate in the city. The cost of real estate in this Italian city was much lower than in the suburbs. Doctors, teachers, professors, actors came here to rest tired of the cold and slush.
The city was well integrated, with Poles, Ukrainians, and Romanians living here in addition to Russians. With a good standard of living, in Scaley fairly low food prices, you can afford to have breakfast in a seaside cafe, close to home. Residents are friendly and helpful. But it is not yet possible to come here from Russia for a vacation. Russian vaccines for the coronavirus are not yet recognized in Italy – this has created a tangible problem in the city’s tourism business. Many restaurants and cafes have menus in Russian and Russian-speaking waiters. Now the city hopes that Russian tourists will be replaced by their Italian counterparts, who missed free time during the pandemic.

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