For those wishing to visit the United Arab Emirates there is good news: the cost of hotel accommodation and meals in hotel restaurants will be reduced from the first month of fall. This great news was announced by Arabian Business. The price reduction was possible due to the reduction of tourist tax by two percent, as well as the abolition of the municipal fee for accommodation in the hotel. In addition, if a guest eats in the hotel restaurant, he will not pay six percent of the tourist fee and four percent of the municipal fee. All these measures are designed to increase the number of travelers wishing to vacation in Abu Dhabi.
Abu Dhabi is one of the most amazing cities on the planet. The greenest, the garden city in the desert, the most expensive for both residents and construction costs, the highest (Manhattan of the Middle East). There are many landmarks here. For example, the Sheikh Zayd Mosque, which is the most beautiful on the planet, or the giant Ferrari Park (total area – 86 thousand square meters, on which there are 7 soccer fields, an exhibition of racing cars, a track for sports cars and the fastest pneumatic roller coaster).

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