Preparations for the winter holidays are in full swing in European countries. A popular European publication has ranked the countries with the best Christmas fairs.
The first place is occupied by the Hungarian Budapest. This place it holds for the fourth year. Budapest Christmas market works in about fifty days, offering its visitors a variety of activities. Guests of the fair can not only shop, participate in various contests, enjoy a variety of performances, but also go skating on the skating rink.
The second place is rightfully taken by Czech Prague. Colourfully decorated huts made of wood, where guests will find unusual handmade gifts, resemble a fairy tale. You can treat yourself to a variety of sweets and warm yourself with mulled wine after round dances around the 25-metre Christmas tree. The fair opens with the arrival of the first month of winter.
Polish Gdansk takes the third place. Here the whole city turns into one big festival ground. Guests are welcomed with unique gifts and a variety of goodies, as well as concerts, songs and carols. Make sure you visit the town, as the festivities last only a month and end before Christmas.

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