Europe is in the throes of air traffic chaos. A large number of planes cannot depart from airports located in Europe on time due to a shortage of workers.
At the moment, Turkish Airlines flights in most cases are late to depart not only on international flights, but also within the country.
Strikes in European airports (England, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Belgium) and the lack of a large number of specialists engaged in flight servicing cause delays.
Such aviation chaos causes justified indignation of travelers, who are forced to spend a large amount of time at the airport, experiencing discomfort and incurring additional costs, instead of enjoying their rest.
At the moment, this problem is very pressing for travelers from Germany who have decided to vacation in Turkey. This is especially frustrating for punctual Germans. The leadership of the German Airports Association said that due to the lack of service personnel, the airports have problems with the timely departure of flights and in the near future the situation is unlikely to improve. Fan delays have affected almost all flight destinations.

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