Preparation of Documents for Obtaining a Visa

After you have purchased a tour and it has been confirmed, we will send you a list of documents necessary for obtaining a visa. The list will be sent to the email address you specified when buying the tour. Besides providing the list, we will indicate the deadline for the visa application. A consulate considers your application from 3 to 30 days. When they decide on issuing or refusing a visa, we will immediately inform you.

Can I Apply for a Visa Myself?

Yes. To do this, you must inform us about such a decision. After confirming the tour, you can independently submit documents and biometrics to a visa application center. In turn, we will provide all the necessary documents for obtaining a visa: hotel reservation, an insurance policy, an invitation from the host company, and an air ticket booking.

The period for which a visa is issued and the number of entries into the country are determined by the consulate of the issuing country according to the documents provided. We always try to request maximum terms. However, we cannot guarantee a long-term visa.

The types of visas are:

  • single-entry — issued strictly on the dates of a trip or for a small period of time;
  • double-entry — with them, you can enter a country twice in a specified period of time (for example, once every six months);
  • multiple-entry — they are valid for several years and give a right to travel as long as possible.

Be careful when filling out the questionnaire and application and do that truthfully. If false data is detected, a visa refusal will follow.

If law violations were recorded or fines were received during your last visit, a refusal to issue a visa will most likely follow without explanation.

Check if you have unpaid rent arrears or fines. Without them, the chances of obtaining a visa increase.