Travel Insurance for a Relaxing Vacation

Purchasing the insurance before a trip makes it possible to solve problems that could arise on the way with minimal costs and avoid many troubles. A standard tourist insurance policy covers many cases, for example:

  1. The medical insurance covers expensive treatment, including of COVID-19.
  2. If your flight is delayed, you will be compensated.
  3. You can insure against non-departure or cancellation of your booking; you will thus not lose your money when booking a tour in advance.

The insurance policy will protect both an active traveler and a specialist on an important business trip. If something happens and goes wrong, you will get help in any country.

Why Should You Purchase an Insurance in Our Company?

We work all over the world

The issuance is fully online

No hidden clauses in the contract

The insurance covers COVID

Call us! We help 24/7

What to Do If an Insured Event Has Occurred

First of all, dial the phone number indicated on the policy form. Explain to the operator what happened and specify the insurance number. Then the operator will call you back and explain what to do. All this is relevant if there is an opportunity to call; otherwise, you will be able to contact the insurance company after receiving help.

We will make sure that your vacation is as carefree as possible!

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