Some famous bloggers talk about the difference between tourism and emigration. Referring to the recent experience of their acquaintances, they reveal some of the nuances of living in the UAE in different statuses. Their acquaintances moved to the Emirates because of their work (their firm had a long-term project that required them to live in the UAE). They had experience of staying in the UAE as tourists. They were staying with their acquaintances. They liked the country very much, with a warm climate and sunny weather.
However, after coming to the UAE to work and staying in the country for more than four months, they decided to return home.
One of the reasons given was the problem of renting accommodation. In order to rent a place to live in the UAE you need to pay a year’s rent in advance, in rare cases you can negotiate for six months. In a decent area the rent for a studio of 50 meters square is about half as much as in Europe. It is possible to find cheaper, but the area of residence will be many times worse, which also creates additional problems.
Also in the country is very expensive internet and cellular services. Even simple drinking water is more expensive than in Europe.
If we talk about other problems, it is worth noting that the difference in mentality, customs and traditions is noticeable if you come not for a few weeks, and live for a long time. You need to carefully monitor even how and what you wear when you leave home, what and how you speak.
So glad the sun and warmth also become a problem over time, not everyone is ready to withstand the forty-degree heat.

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