Spanish researchers from a well-known company have analyzed the change in prices in resort hotels. They compared prices this year and prices that were two years ago, before the pandemic. It turned out that prices rose fastest in Greece. Hotels in that country went up by about 110%. But in Turkey five-star hotels prices are lower.
Judging by the reports of the Spanish company the average price for a room in five-star hotels is about 240 euros, which is 110% higher than in 2019, but other hotels have not risen so much. Room rates at a four-star hotel are up only 63 percent and at a three-star hotel 19 percent, which is €190 and €118. However, despite the seemingly not high level of raised prices, exactly four and three-star hotels in Greece have turned out to be the most expensive in comparison with other countries. Five-star hotels are more expensive only in France (about 420 euros) and Italy (about 400 euros).
At the moment in many tourist countries there is a decrease in prices for hotels of 4 stars and less. The most inexpensive (in terms of cost per night in the hotel) recognized Turkey. Hotel room rates have dropped by about 10%.

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