Representatives of some travel companies have introduced a new service for travelers to publish tips on how to save money on a trip, the best dates for tours and when and where it is better to book tickets for the flight.
If we talk about regular flights, it is more economical to buy a ticket for a flight departing on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. If time permits, you can choose a flight with a connection, and at the same time visiting another country and saving money on the flight.
With charter flights it is better to choose the nearest departure, because tour operators often give special offers for unbooked seats on the last day, which allows you to save on flights and significantly reduces the cost of the entire tour package.
There is an opportunity to save money on hotel accommodations. For example, in most cases hotels offer promotions if you order “meal plan” not only with breakfast, but also dinner for the price of breakfast. In some hotels, dinner can be replaced with lunch.
Another useful recommendation from the experts of tour operators not to plan trips to Thailand and China during the holidays. Since usually during the national holidays the prices are higher and the number of hotel rooms is limited. Significant discounts in hotels usually wait for travelers during the low season.

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