A Turkish professor specializing in the study of infectious diseases and the microorganisms that cause them, who works at the university hospital in Bakent, warns vacationers about the dangers of swimming in the pool. The summer heat increases the number of people swimming in hotel pools, but unfortunately at the same time the number of people falling ill with various infectious diseases also increases. Most often the reason is due to poor disinfection of swimming pools.
Diseases manifest themselves by certain symptoms: sore throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.
Professor recommends taking safety measures to avoid infection by bacteria, viruses and parasites that get into the pool with unhealthy travelers or hidden disease carriers. Almost all resort areas are characterized by the rise of diseases above the listed symptoms.
Also, the professor does not recommend staying for a long time in wet clothes after swimming. This may provoke the occurrence of urogenital infections. Vacationers who have problems with the hearing organs should also not visit the pool, because it can lead to inflammation of the middle ear.
You should not swim in the pool, in the purity of which there were doubts. In this case, it is better to relax on the beach or abstain from water procedures altogether.

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