Travelers with young children will be interested to know that there are no strollers in Malaysia. They don’t make them there.
Most European countries have strollers, a variety of options, for walking with children. These devices are not used in Asian countries.
In tropical Malaysia, you will not find parents carrying children in strollers. In the streets, markets, stores, parks, babies are carried in the arms or in special backpacks placed on the chest. There are no baby strollers here, they are not made or sold because there is no need for them.
Most Malaysians move around using a scooter. A car is considered a luxury here. That’s why children are transported on scooters. On the streets you can often see five people, not counting the baby in their arms, on one scooter. Safety on the roads on the verge of fantasy, “all in the hands of fate. Pensioners mostly travel by bicycle. Only homeless vagrants move on foot.
The Malays don’t take walks for nothing. Mothers are most often at home or outside, while children play or are nearby. And if the need arose to leave the house, then by car or other transport. You can go as a family to the park, and rest there for a period of time.
You will not find baby carriages while traveling in Egypt, the Arab Emirates, India, Thailand, Indonesia.

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