The Hungarian authorities have announced changes in the validity of vaccination certificates for travelers entering the country. To obtain the entry permit, it is now necessary to show a vaccination certificate received no earlier than six months before the visit. In turn, the terms of revaccination for adults were changed to four months after full vaccination.

The good news is that Hungary accepts travelers vaccinated with Sputnik Lite. Such persons can enter the country without having to show a negative PCR test result, whereas minor travelers are allowed to enter even without a vaccination certificate — a certificate of the adult with whom the child is traveling will be sufficient.

Hungary is an amazingly picturesque country located almost in the center of Europe and preserved its identity and traditions. It can boast numerous interesting places worthy of a visit, as everything that happened in Europe has left its indelible mark on the country’s heritage. Gothic, Baroque, Classicism, and Renaissance harmoniously coexist there.

The Danube, with its thermal springs, flows through the country and invariably attracts travelers who would like to improve their health and just have a nice vacation.

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