Abnormally warm winter significantly changes the work of ski resorts. The crisis of the ski season is observed in France, Austria and some other European countries.
Experts fear disruption of skiing holidays due to high temperatures.
The Mirror believes that this is due to increased emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide into the atmosphere. For fans of skiing, it was a complete surprise to see mud and slush instead of snow-white slopes in January. A sharp warming caused rain, which led to the disappearance of the snow cover. The lack of snow jeopardizes the usual course of recreation for fans of active winter pastime. Skiing and snowboarding will probably have to be cancelled in the near future.
The administration of resorts located in the northern Alps and French Pyrenees does not exclude the possibility of having to close hotels. In France, about half of the resorts have already been closed due to abnormally warm winter temperatures. Some resorts have closed most of the slopes. December 2022 was the warmest December in the last thirty years. Temperatures have risen about 8 degrees, rendering most of the ski slopes unusable.

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