Italy is quite a popular country among tourists, but unfortunately it is known not only for its attractions, but also for quite high fines. Justifying its fame Italian authorities have introduced another unusual fine. It concerns a small town Portofino. In this city a big fine of about 300 euros awaits travelers for delayed selfies. This amazing innovation is already in effect in the areas of the famous fishermen’s village. On maps, these areas are marked with red zones or “no traffic on selfies” zones. Portofino Mayor Matteo Viacava introduced these measures to prevent traffic jams and congested sidewalks due to guests who, in time for selfies, create
“anarchic chaos.”
Portofino, a small town located on the Italian Riviera near the city of Genoa. Its population is just over half a thousand people, which increases sharply with the beginning of the tourist season. Hundreds of thousands of travelers come to the city to breathe in the sea air in a picturesque bay and walk the streets admiring the bright houses of local residents. And of course everyone wants to capture this beauty,
to admire it after the holiday or just to put it on social networks, which creates a certain inconvenience to the local population.

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