China has decided to go for a slight relaxation of the anti-coveting rules. First of all, to reduce the number of quarantine days, which are mandatory for all visitors to the country. Even this slight relaxation has increased the number of searches for flights to and from the Celestial Empire.
For the past three years, China has imposed very strict anti-covetail measures, which have virtually eliminated tourist visits to the country. In the Celestial Empire do not expect an increase in the flow of travelers before spring, but even a slight change in the rules is perceived by people with joy. The new rules reduced the quarantine period by two days (from seven days to five), this applies both to close contacts for infected people and to those arriving in the country. The penalties for air carriers, who could have lost their ability to do transportation if a large number of infected passengers arrived with them, have also been eliminated. And this applied to flights, within the country, as the number of external flights was reduced to a minimum.

However, even such minor changes are perceived as “significant concrete steps by China” and are very important to the expected cancellation of the Zero-Covid system.

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