In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the revival of the tourism industry was announced to become one of the leading sectors of the national economy.
Each year not very many tourists came to the country, about four thousand Europeans and a much larger number from Asian countries.
It was only possible to come to North Korea as part of a tour group with a tour guide who accompanied his charges virtually around the clock. Eleven years ago, independent entry into the border zone with China was opened to citizens of the Celestial Empire, who could communicate with the local population and even take photographs. Since 2013, tourists arriving in the country were given the opportunity to buy SIM cards and use their phones.
In the coming year, it is planned to increase air links with the Republic of China, as well as Southeast Asia and Europe. In the provinces of North Korea should appear free economic zones to serve tourists, it is also planned to reconstruct hotels to bring them up to international standards, opening fitness and service centers, souvenir stores and duty-free stores.

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