According to a French newspaper, the number of sick people in the country increased by more than fifty percent during the week. On the contrary, the number of hospitalized patients has decreased.
To visit the country praised by many creative people, travelers from all over the world want to visit. France is one of the most romantic countries on earth. It is still preserved a rich culture and centuries-old folk traditions. France for many travelers symbolizes love, beauty, sophistication and amazing joy of life.
Paris is the capital of France, the historical center of the country, which is the most famous historical sites.
In the twelfth century in Paris a fortress was built, which later turned into a palace of the reigning monarchs – the Louvre. Now it is one of the most famous museums in the world.
Another home of the French monarchs is located near Paris, surrounded by a magnificent garden – a work of art on a world scale, the Palace of Versailles. The palace and park ensemble was erected in the 18th century and to this day is a benchmark in the art of creating parks. The orangeries and gardens, alleys and fountains are stunning in their beauty and sophistication.

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