The Bahraini authorities have announced the approval of the Russian vaccines Sputnik V and Sputnik Lite. Accordingly, to go on vacation to this wonderful island in the Persian Gulf, one now needs to have either a WHO-approved vaccination certificate or a proof of revaccination with one of the Russian vaccines. Upon arrival to the country, both vaccinated and recovered guests have to take a PCR test. This applies to all visitors over the age of six.

Bahrain is a small island state connected to the mainland by the twenty-eight-kilometer-long King Fahd Bridge. The bridge connects Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The border post is located almost halfway, right on this grandiose structure. The easiest way to get to Bahrain is by plane, though. There is only one airport there; it is located in the country’s capital — the city of Manama. The terminal is very convenient for tourists. There are numerous shops and cafes there and, of course, free Internet. One can get to the city from the airport by taking a taxi or bus (during the daytime).

If you would like to visit museums and admire local architecture, you should wander around Manama and Muharraq Island, as there are beautiful mosques, markets, and shopping centers there. To relax on the beach sand, it is worth visiting the islands (there are 33 of them, and many are man-made). Guests will find excellent service and well-developed infrastructure there.

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