Due to the fact that, as a result of the global crisis, prices at resorts are rising like yeast, travelers are studying the tourist market and looking for an alternative holiday to the heavily overpriced Turkey and Egypt. And here are some serious changes, resorts in China, which do not require visas and are characterized by great climatic diversity.
China is one of the largest countries in the world. The distinctive culture and lifestyles of the Chinese, which are different from Western, have always attracted travelers. The combination of high technology and ancient traditions magically makes this country one of the most interesting for the visitors. During the pandemic, the flow of tourists in China was blocked, and now the country is doing everything to restore the tourism industry in its former form and even increase the number of travelers who come to rest and touch the mysteries of the Middle Kingdom.
One of the most visited cities is Hong Kong, which is spread over 260 islands. Local colour and Western rhythm of life, glass and metal skyscrapers and small village houses are closely intertwined here.
For fans of silence and self-knowledge will be interesting to visit the monastery Shaolin, and beach lovers are waiting for a number of comfortable hotels on the coast of the country.

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