Croatia is famous for its clean sea, fresh air and areas with a medieval atmosphere. The country is perfect for those who love to walk around the streets and adore nature.
Resorts of Croatia is different from each other and every tourist can find something that will suit him.
For example, on the peninsula of Istria can escape from the bustling city while enjoying the view of huge green hills. It is especially beautiful in early autumn. The air on the peninsula is very clean, as well as the water in the sea, though the beaches are rocky. City of Porec, which is located on the Istra river will surprise you with ancient Roman temples and a cozy cafe in the city center.
Quite different from Istria is Middle Dalmatia, which is an ideal place for rock climbers. The cliffs here are huge, but it is not uncommon to vacation in Middle Dalmatia with children. The beaches here have a fairly large area and are pebbly. Quite popular in this resort is the city of Split, which is considered a city of contrasts. There is a fairly large number of medieval architectural elements.
It is recommended to visit the beach “Golden Cape”, which is a kind of a calling card of the country.
More expensive resort is considered South Dalmatia, where a fairly well-known resort is the city of Dubrovnik. Here are the most expensive hotels and the longest holiday season. Swim in Dubrovnik, even in the autumn season.
Regardless of which resort tourists choose to vacation, they invariably return from Croatia rested and full of energy.

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