Men in Egypt prefer foreign women, especially Slavic women. One of the Slavic wives in her blog shared her observations about the preferred qualities of foreign women.
Most Egyptian men prefer women with light skin. The ideal wife ” light-skinned madam, eye color – green or light brown, with black long hair. The myth that everyone loves blondes is not true, the color of hair quickly changes depending on the mood. But the fact that preference is given to women with long hair is a fact.
Another stereotype was defeated by the blogger is that Egyptians love ladies “in the body”. Weight is not a criterion in choosing a lady. Men pay attention to the figure, its harmony. They prefer ladies with large breasts and wide hips, because it is embedded in the subconsciousness of the strong half of mankind and is associated with the instinct of continuation (large breasts – will be able to feed the baby, wide hips – can easily and a lot of labor).
Age is also not important. The main thing is that the chosen woman meets the inner demands of a man.
“Egyptian men note that the Slavic women enough to smile to look beautiful, and appreciate the fact that we do not need cosmetics to emphasize the naturalness,” – adds the blogger.
For the most part, Slavic women are kind, caring, forgiving and understanding. They strive to be “behind the husband”, so they win against the feminists of the West.

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