In the media in Europe you can see a published selection of countries by the level of safety of being in them. If you believe the research in the first place in terms of safety is Switzerland, the last places are given to Ukraine and Russia. A total study covered about 40 countries of the European continent.
Studies were conducted on nine indicators related to security in recreational areas. These are: the quantitative indicators of murders, assaults and deaths in traffic accidents, risks of natural disasters and the global peace index.
When choosing a vacation destination, travelers should be informed about all the nuances that can be encountered in the selected countries.
According to most publishers, the European continent has excellent conditions for a complete vacation for all travelers. Here with pleasure rest lovers of nature and those who prefer active recreation, there is something to see connoisseurs of architecture and those who are interested in different cultural trends and the development of various ecosystems.
First place goes to Switzerland, and it should be said the country is in the lead not for the first time. In second place went to Iceland, third place went to Norway, followed by Denmark, Luxembourg, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Austria and Sweden. This is the first ten leading countries in the field of security.

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