The Economist orublikovala ranked the world’s cities on the cost of recreation in 2022.
Two megacities of the world have shared the lead: New York and Singapore. In the last decade, life has become more and more expensive all over the world, and vacation prices are also affected. But this year the strongest jump in prices was recorded in American New York, Singapore has moved from second place to first.
In the top ten of the cost of living are:

1. New York (USA) and Singapore
2. Tel Aviv, Israel
3. Hong Kong (China) and Los Angeles (USA)
4. Zurich (Switzerland)
5. Geneva (Switzerland)
6. San Francisco (USA)
7. Paris (France)
8. Copenhagen (Denmark)
9. Sydney, Australia
To dine at the cheapest restaurant in New York City would cost the visitor twenty-five dollars.
Singapore has also risen to the top of the cost of living this year. This city has very high lodging prices, and travelers can only save money if they eat in food courts. The food on the streets of Singapore has always been well prepared and with all hygienic measures followed.
In Europe, the most expensive city is vacation in Switzerland, on the next line is traditionally located the “city of lovers,” Paris. The cheapest vacation is considered to be in Sri Lanka.

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