One traveler shared an interesting piece of information she learned while visiting the small Turkish city of Izmir. She had long wondered why in Turkey they use double-decker teapots and glasses during tea drinking. The traveler decided to study the traditions of Turkey and for this purpose she came to Izmir and rented a room in the house of a local resident. According to her, the people of Turkey, regardless of their position in society, have a sense of pride in their nation, honor the traditions of their people and love to colorfully decorate their homes.
Tea drinking is one of the oldest traditions in the country. Tea is drunk on occasion and without, about a dozen times a day. For the ritual of tea drinking special teapots are designed, in the lower teapot boils water, and in the upper is the brew. Once the water in the lower teapot boils, they pour the brew into it and put the teapot on top. This way, the tea stays hot long enough. Tea is drunk about five minutes after brewing.
Tea is drunk from special cups which have a curved shape – armudu. The unusual shape of the cup does not allow the tea stagnates with the water to rise to the top. In real Turkish tea drinking it is not customary to use a sieve, which is why an unusual form of transparent tea glass appeared.

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