Since the pandemic, changes have affected almost all areas of human life. The travel industry is no exception. Now the “great rebalancing and recalibration” has begun – this statement was made by experts of the Mastercard Institute for Economics, who conducted work on the study of travel destinations and financial investments in travel and entertainment. According to them, travel destinations have now changed. After being forced to stay away from home, travelers are looking for comfortable holidays. And the winners were those countries that were the first to cancel pandemic events and are accessible to the average traveler. Leading the way were countries such as: The United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, and the Netherlands.
Tourist infrastructure is restored. And at a very rapid pace. In addition to travel by air, tourists are interested in land transport (bus, train), as well as cruises on liners.
Entertainment preferences have also changed. Everyone wants experience and entertainment. Therefore, instead of shopping go to bars and nightclubs, amusement parks and museums, concerts and art galleries.

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