England is a country with a special culture and unique nature, where the roots of great people and royal families are intricately intertwined. Holidays in England are characterised by diversity. Fans of active pastime can choose resorts that offer ski holidays, yachting trips, cycling and horse riding, unique sightseeing tours. Family holidays are better organised in numerous provincial towns and villages. To visit England it is necessary to get a tourist visa of this country.
Popular tours to England
London is the capital and centre of cultural England. Here you can visit one of the largest attractions in the world “London Eye”, wander around the Tower, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, see the famous Big Ben.
The mysterious Stonehenge is a giant circle of stones. Legend has it that it was built by the wizard Merlin, King Arthur’s tutor, but scientists are inclined to believe that it is an open-air observatory, where there are twelve planets in the solar system instead of nine.
The Cotswolds are literally imbued with the spirit of old England: rural landscape, many churches and castles. The area is home to the first settlement in Britain, Gloucester, where you can visit the cathedral, wander around the town admiring the half-timbered houses and visit the ancient docks. In the capital of Causewall – Cyrencester, narrow stone streets, beautiful mansions with neat gardens and an overgrown Roman amphitheatre stir the imagination of tourists.
When is the best time to buy a tour to England
Buy a tour to England is best from April to September, that would fully enjoy the oceanic climate caused by the Gulf Stream. Long, beautiful spring with rare rains and sunshine, air temperature from +6 to +18°C, almost no wind. Summers are warm. In July it is up to +25°C, the water warms up to +17°C.
There are some cloudy rainy days, but mostly pleasant stable weather. Monsoons from October bring heavy rains, temperatures not exceeding +10°C with frost at night. In winter it gets foggy, dank and damp. Temperatures are around 0°C, almost all over the area, with no snow until just before Christmas.

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