Travelers intending to vacation in Spain should be prepared for the fact that the police are stepping up their control over the preservation of order in the streets of cities. This is especially true of Barcelona, an area of high crime rate. In the “pre-crime” years, there were about 12 robberies and burglaries in an hour in Barcelona. Due to the fact that there are virtually no tourists for the last couple of years, and severe restrictions on the movement of people and mass gatherings have been in effect, the number of thefts committed has decreased significantly.
Now that the pandemic restrictions have been loosened and the flow of travelers coming to Spain has increased, there has been a big jump in the number of burglaries. Some 80 arrests were made during the May holidays alone.
The police have announced Operation Summer. Summer in general is a busy season for the police. There are a lot of visitors coming to holiday resorts in Spain. Therefore, it was decided to increase the number of police patrols by 12% and the optional wearing of uniforms during patrols.
Those who love to party too much and make noise should think about the consequences can be very sad. Guests, as well as thieves, can find themselves behind bars and receive a fairly hefty fine.

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