A warming of anti-coercive measures in France is expected from the middle of the first spring month. The French prime minister has announced that medical passes will be abolished. For a long time, to visit most establishments in the country, a medical pass, which confirmed that the visitor was fully vaccinated, had to be presented. There are also plans to abolish the wearing of masks, they will remain compulsory only when travelling on public transport. The wearing of masks in private businesses will remain at the discretion of the employer.
More recently, the country has tightened the conditions for receiving the COVID-19 vaccination in response to an increase in cases of the Omicron strain, but now that the number of cases is declining, France has decided to remove some of the harsh measures. It is now no longer necessary to show a medical passport to enter a closed institution; this will not apply only to homes where elderly citizens reside.
The Health Pass provided ample opportunity for its holder. With it, one could go to any entertainment and cultural venue with more than fifty people, including a cinema, concert, exhibition, gallery, theatre, nightclub, disco, zoo, sports ground, library, theme park, festival, various landmarks, climb the Eiffel Tower or relax in a swimming pool.
France is a country that never fails to delight with its sophistication and zest. The unmistakable scent of French perfume and fresh pastries in the city streets, the rich history and culture, the indescribable taste of coffee on the terrace of cafes, where you can watch the carefree lifestyle of the French.

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