As of the beginning of the second month of spring, all restrictions that were in effect during the pandemic are lifted in Sweden. The country begins to breathe freely. With a Schengen visa, any traveler, regardless of citizenship, nationality and place of residence can visit the country. All border restrictions for the entry of tourists are lifted. There is no need to show the result of PCR test or certificate of vaccination.

Russian citizens are no exception. They can come to Sweden. However, because of the closed airspace they will have to fly through Istanbul or Dubai, it is possible to make a connection in Qatar’s Doha.

Sweden attracts with its Scandinavian beauty reflected in the mountains and cliffs, crowded cities and quiet places. Here modern technology and untouched nature are in harmony.
The capital of Sweden – Stockholm is a museum city, where everyone can learn about the culture and life of ancient Sweden, get acquainted with its modern achievements.
On the territory of the country there are many monuments of architecture and ancient architecture. Carefully here and about the preservation of natural treasures: zoos, where the animals created almost natural conditions of habitat, national park with interesting excursions routes, lakes and parks.

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