Against the backdrop of a financial crisis in the tourism industry and a high-profile political crisis concerning relations between Russia and Ukraine, the coronavirus in Turkey seems to have passed by itself. The country’s health minister has made an announcement that “health codes” have been abolished as well as the wearing of a mask outdoors. It is possible not to wear a mask indoors where there is good ventilation. Masks have not yet completely gone out of people’s lives in the country, but they have already noticeably surrendered their position. It is better to wear a mask to protect the health of the elderly and people with chronic illnesses, but generally speaking, the pandemic is clearly receding from the realities of life in the country.
So, from the pleasantries:
-mask wearing on the streets has been abolished;
– It is also possible to be indoors without masks if there is good ventilation.
– The Turkish health code, HES, is also no longer compulsory.
-If a person does not have any symptoms of a viral disease, there is no need to submit a PCR test. PCR tests are only compulsory for those who are ill or have just recovered.
– If there are no large numbers of sick pupils, then the school is not quarantined.
Somehow people are tired of pandemic activities. Mr Kodja said that society should change pandemic control to individual protection. Perhaps this will prove more effective in countering the virus.
The simplification of life due to the abolition of anti-pandemic measures is nothing short of gratifying, as holidays in Turkey have always attracted travellers from all over the world. And now this destination is in demand, despite the political and natural disasters.
Turkey is washed by three seas – the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea.
The eastern hospitality of the locals, the developed infrastructure, the willingness to entertain around the clock and the all-inclusive visa-free system cannot fail to impress visitors.

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