The Egyptian Tax Authority has finally approved the launch of the Tax-Free system, similar to the European. It was awaited by the guests of the country, because now it will be possible to return the VAT for almost all purchases. The cost of goods must exceed one and a half thousand Egyptian pounds, and then it will be possible to apply for a VAT refund. However, this system only works in Sharm el-Sheikh.
It would be problematic to issue a refund for guests from the Russian Federation, as the money is returned to the “international” bank cards, and the Russians do not have them active abroad.
The timing of the system is also symbolic – there is a climate summit in Sharm-el-Sheikh, and Egyptian authorities believe that the summit guests will not be able to leave the country without purchases and souvenirs.
Value-added tax from purchased goods can be returned to foreigners who are in the country for no more than three months, and the price of purchased goods more than 1.5 thousand Egyptian pounds (about $60). Guests need to provide the goods in unopened form and an electronic receipt with a passport number, it is possible if the store is connected to the Tax Free system. To find out whether the store is connected to the system, you can study the information on the infostand or a poster, which is located in the outlet.

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