Plitvice Lakes is a national park and is located in the center of Croatia. For many thousands of years the water of the Korana River has been flowing through the calcareous sediments. For many years, sediments of travertine were applied, resulting in natural dams, blocking the waters of the river and forming lakes. In the eighteenth century, thanks to the priest from Otocac, Dominik Vukasovic, the name of these lakes also appeared.

In the middle of the last century the area of the lakes was recognized as a national park of Croatia. Due to the efforts of the director of the park Josip Movčan the building of paths for pedestrians started and the park became accessible to the visitors.

The rules for visiting the Plitvice lakes are quite strict: it is forbidden to swim, make a fire and have picnics. When visiting the park, you can only admire the surrounding nature, observe the animals encountered during the walk, but you can not take your pets with you. But there is a lot to see in the park.

Surrounded by a unique ancient beech and coniferous forest with the ability to regenerate itself there are about two dozen karst lakes, arranged as a cascade, there are lakes bigger and smaller, but all are unique and change the color of water depending on the time of day and light.  You can also look at the uncreative caves, they are also about 20. Admire the crystal jets of more than 140 waterfalls. And if you are very lucky you can watch even the birth of new waterfalls, because in the waters of the river grow calcephils (chalky plants), which instantly cover everything that enters the river and form petrified dams.

There are several types of excursions developed for guests of the park: aquatic on environmentally safe watercraft – ferries and electric boats, hiking and even on an eco-friendly train.

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